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Dubai Butterfly Garden isn’t all about play and relaxation, though you’ll find plenty here. Beyond the fun and games, we try to place a strong emphasis on educating visitors of all ages about butterflies. Here, you can witness the actual butterfly lifecycle – from egg to caterpillar, pupa to adult butterfly – and gain insight into their metamorphosis, which is perhaps the most inherently fascinating thing about these creatures. Dubai Butterfly Garden offers an opportunity to recognize, celebrate and appreciate the butterfly in all its growth stages. Visitors can also learn about these creatures’ natural habitats.

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Did you know that butterflies and moths live on every continent except Antarctica? Nearly 18,000 species are present across the globe, with the majority found in Latin America and South East Asia. Some of the most interesting species can be found in the Amazon River basin, including the Caligo Eurilochus, AKA Forest Giant Owl.

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If you take a close enough look, you can actually see miniscule caterpillars growing in their eggs. Upon hatching, these larvae grow fast, largely because their food is their home – the leaf they were born on. Next is the pupa stage. While it may look like not much is happening on the outside, the caterpillar is actually undergoing a remarkable transformation on the inside. Its limbs and even organs are transforming and what will emerge from the pupa and take flight is a creature completely unrecognisable from the one that went in: the butterfly.

Our butterfly experts and guides are on hand to answer any question you may have about these fascinating creatures either before or after you tour the domes.

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